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Iyen Agbonifo

About Iyen Agbonifo-Obaseki

Iyen holds a degree in languages from the Delta state University, a Post-Graduate diploma in Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos, a diploma in computer science from the Lagos city computer college. She is a graduate of the Fat Mu academy for makeup in Mumbai, India, and has attended series of trainings and workshops in cinematography, make-up, film directing, film producing, collective management of audio-visual rights, costume and production design both locally in ITPAN training school, and internationally in South Africa and University of California, USA. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree, she commenced her career from the transit desk of Nigeria Airways at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, but in fulfilment of a burning desire for creativity and the arts, she veered professionally into the arts and entertainment sector, and has worked on several stage plays, television soaps, adverts and films as a costumier, make-up artist, producer and arts director within and outside Nigeria. In close to three decades of her practice professionally, some of her works include: Igodo, Idia, Morountodun, The lion and The Jewel, Obaseki, The Naming Ceremony, The King Must Dance Naked, A dance for 'Ella [an adaptation of the Cinderella story], Evil thing, Missing Angel, Brave Soldier, Eziza, 30 Days, Tango With Me, Adesuwa, Brave Soldier, Haaja, Damaged Merchandise, Prisoner Of Passion, Seduction, Freedom in Chains, Bridesmaid, Silent Guest House, Tara, Delicate Affair (a Nigeria/Ghana collaboration), Married But Living Single and Invasion 1897 (a story about the famed Benin Massacre of 1897 ), Newman street, Obisike [a Nigeria/German collaboration that was staged in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2016] She has a penchant for mentoring of young people and a stickler to details in in her jobs. Iyen was best costume designer (1999) Thema awards with the movie Igodo, Africa best achievements in costume design for Adesuwa (2012), with several awards and nominations, she was also the costume designer for Nigeria's drama presentations at the 2012 London Olympics where she also facilitated training for some youths in Nigerian traditional costumes. Iyen has served as consultant to EOM Communications Ltd, a media outfit in Lagos, member of the College of Screeners for the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) spanning for several years, and facilitator and resource person for training programs and workshops locally and internationally. Iyen was the first female President of a guild in Nollywood, the founding and immediate past President of the Creative Designers Guild of Nigeria [CDGN], the umbrella guild for costumiers, make-up artists, property managers, and set designers in the Nigeria motion picture industry. Iyen is CEO, Aiwai touch, a design outfit with great concern for designs that include make up, set, costumes and properties in movies, stage productions, trainings and other social events. She is Managing Director of IYTouch an event planning company. She sits on the board of the Audio-Visual Rights Society of Nigeria(AVRS). She is a Director; Nollywood Concepts Promotions Ltd, a Lagos based company with penchant for making developmental films. She is a recipient of the SONTA lifetime achievement award and also a fellow of National Association of Theatre Arts Practitioners, the highest professional honor in NANTAP

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