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About Richard Tentone

Richard Tentone is the founder of the Cinema Society of Zimbabwe, an organization promoting the business of film in Zimbabwe. A producer, screenwriter, and marketing specialist.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Theatre Arts from Midlands State University (MSU) and a diploma in Advertising and Public Relations from Oxford College (UK).

Richard produced Once Apain A Time (2018) documentary, Empowered television show and currently producing Sister Chihera drama series. Richard has worked alongside Zimbabwe’s finest directors such as Melgin Tafirenyika of Light Image Productions, Brian Kugara of Guruuswa Film Company, Nakai Beauty Tsuro of Tatenda Studios and Stephen Chigorimbo among others.

Richard has participated in the production of the following titles

  • Once Apain A Time (2018)

  • Murindagomo: The Legend Of The Magical Pot (2019)

  • Black Sheep (2021)

  • I Can Act (2021)

  • Mai Ndafunga Kure (2021)

  • Faking IT (2022)

  • Broken Lives (2022)

  • Sister Chihera (2022)

Currently Richard sits on the National Film Committee.

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